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The Lost Ann-Mi

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed.

I’ve moved!

Come find me here at my new blogspot instead, and update your RSS links. :)

Bergen looks otherworldly from the air, especially at night. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph it, but I snap this one when we took off around noon.

An inspiring weekend in Bergen

I’ve just spent a fabulous weekend in Bergen. 

I had a cold, I only had one full day to enjoy it, (whereof my friend, Lise was working half the day), I could only hear with one ear (and that one partially), it was cold, slushy, and I had no long winter underwear. Despite all this, it turned out to be a fantastic weekend full of arts, crafts, and tasty winter treats.

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Yaffa the Cat is thinking…

Japanese cat is happy.

Green tea on Mononoke towel. Breakfast :)

Key wallet bought in Japan

Orchid. I edited it with Vignette.

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