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The Lost Ann-Mi

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed.

"Whiskers" in Draw Something.
The model kept moving.

Taking the cat for a walk

I know that a cat on a leash is a weird sight, but it’s not the strangest I’ve seen. While I lived in NY, there was a neighbour who used to walk his pet iguana on a leash.

I’m trying to get my cat used to wearing a collar and walking on a leash, but being the free soul she is, she doesn’t like the idea.

First of all, I think most people wonder “WHY?? Why would you put a cat on a leash and not let them run around freely?” 
The answer is simple: if I lived in another neighbourhood with a clearly defined territory for my cat (a garden), I’d let her with no problems. But the area we live in currently is overrun by strays carrying fleas, mites, and other lovely parasites and diseases and they like to fight. I’m sure she’s able to hold her own, but at this point, I’d rather she didn’t have to. 
But she is as curious as any cat and wants to be outside, so I want to give her this chance while also keeping her close at hand.
Another reason is simply that I want to be able to travel with her, for example to the vet or to visit the in-laws without having to worry that she will run off never to be seen again. Then I won’t have to keep her caged, or home alone for several days. 

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The sink cat.
Tuli likes water.


This is our cat. We’ve had her just over a year now. We adopted her from an animal SOS center, and while she has brought a large amount of chaos into our lives with her kitten-like antics, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The box monster… (Taken with Instagram)

Happy Tuli-cat! My cat relaxing in various cat-like poses.

"The Cat Walks by Himself" from "The Cat That Walked by Himself" by Rudyard Kipling

I’ve no idea who these are by… but they are awesome.


My menagerie

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the woods and brought my little menagerie of critters along. Sorry about the huge amount of pictures, but I just couldn’t decide which to post. I did manage to cut it down from 28 though. 
Most of them are needle-felted, like good old Orff (if anyone remembers him), but the tigerbunny is acrylics on paper folded into traditional rabbit origami. 

If you should for some reason wish to view them in larger resolution, check in on my website in a couple days and you can see it. 

Newest of all is the squirrel who I have nicknamed Kop. He’s needlefelted with an experimental body made of styrofoam and tin wire. His appendages, including his tail, can be bent to whatever shape desired, and unlike the earlier crow and cat, he can actually sit without help. 


His predecessor is the Crow, who was inspired by a story I wrote in my last university year. He had experimental pipecleaner claws and was meant to be able to grab on to stuff with them. He can, but unfortunately he can’t stay standing. I also experimented with incorporating feathers into the wool. 


Here’s the tree-sitting duo! 


Orff makes a cameo appearance. 


And finally, the infamous meat-eating origami tiger-bunny! 


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