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The Lost Ann-Mi

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed.

A lizard basks on the stone wall by Rosh HaNikra, Israel. 


This is our cat. We’ve had her just over a year now. We adopted her from an animal SOS center, and while she has brought a large amount of chaos into our lives with her kitten-like antics, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

WWF’s zoomorphic turtle-scape, part of a campaign to raise awareness of the cost of urban life on natural ecosystems. There are also a rhino and an elephant [link]. This one’s worth clicking on to see the full resolution version, or you’ll miss out on all the stunning details!


"Reveling In The Enjoyment Of Her Material" by mincingmockingbird

What a simple but beautiful piece of art! 

Via enmi (Thanks for the link, Lise!)

Strays on a tin roof.

This is a photo I took today. They were too cute to let go without photographing them.

"Mexican Poppies" by Geninne
Watercolor on Twinrocker paper. 6” x 8”

Makes me want to create something!

My menagerie

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the woods and brought my little menagerie of critters along. Sorry about the huge amount of pictures, but I just couldn’t decide which to post. I did manage to cut it down from 28 though. 
Most of them are needle-felted, like good old Orff (if anyone remembers him), but the tigerbunny is acrylics on paper folded into traditional rabbit origami. 

If you should for some reason wish to view them in larger resolution, check in on my website in a couple days and you can see it. 

Newest of all is the squirrel who I have nicknamed Kop. He’s needlefelted with an experimental body made of styrofoam and tin wire. His appendages, including his tail, can be bent to whatever shape desired, and unlike the earlier crow and cat, he can actually sit without help. 


His predecessor is the Crow, who was inspired by a story I wrote in my last university year. He had experimental pipecleaner claws and was meant to be able to grab on to stuff with them. He can, but unfortunately he can’t stay standing. I also experimented with incorporating feathers into the wool. 


Here’s the tree-sitting duo! 


Orff makes a cameo appearance. 


And finally, the infamous meat-eating origami tiger-bunny! 


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