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Bananas and Strawberries.

Posted above are two delicious-looking recipes I really want to try. Find the recipes below:

Peanut butter banana french toast
Dip strawberries into Greek yoghurt 

Link » Cross stitch in unusual places

Some beautiful and unusual cross stitch work by the Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite on

More art here and info about her work:


The weirdest spam of them all…

My friend Janna has just started a new blog: eepshow.

She hasn’t got many followers yet, but she makes up for that in spammers. And boy are these spammers weird. She’s going to start blogging the best of them, and she gave me permission to share the following one, which contains one of the most amazing or puzzling phrases I’ve heard. I’ve decided to highlight my favorite part for your viewing pleasure.

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There you have it. Her blog precipitates with exceptional erudition. Wow. Say it out loud. It’s as juicy a phrase as they come. You can’t say that about most blogs. Now go visit, for as another spammer wrote, she is “taking gumption and adding towards the community”… and precipitating with exceptional erudition all the while.

3 fun daily planners & a few ideas

I’ve got a really fun project going right now - designing a daily planner for a bar that hosts art exhibitions every month. So it will be an artist a month. That planner already has a set style from last year, but I still love to look at other peoples’ designs to see what solutions they’ve come up with.

I’ve focused mainly on the cover for this post, since there are so many potentially awesome design elements to any book. 

Everyone knows Moleskine’s vast array of daily planners, so I thought I’d share a few nifty ones I found online instead.

Erinzam - 2010 Planner

Erinzam's daily planner

This is a planner Erinzam created just for herself, using premade pages sold on etsy. I love the creative use of old spines of books as straps for the binding. The yellow string is a lovely touch on an otherwise minimalistic but beautiful design. All in all, a work of art.

Millicent - Small personalized planner

Millicent's small planner

This colorful planner is designed by Millicent. I love the detail of the monthly tabs along with the bold, cheerful textures. Also, if you follow the link and look inside of the calendar, you will see that the pages inside are also decorated with the letter “M”. A really nice touch!

Bunches of Apples Daily Planner

Bunches of Apples

The cute “Bunches of Apples” daily planner is designed by Nicole. (I have no idea how to pronounce the name of her etsy shop: “ncharshaf”) I like the idea of the rubber band to hold the planner closed. There are few things as annoying as finding that your book has opened in your backpack and now all the pages are scrunched!

* * * * *


Just something I made: Vintage book planner tutorial
This tutorial takes an unwanted but pretty vintage book cover with a premade spiral planner and a decorative file folder and combines them all into a unique and simple planner

Photoshop Vintage Traveler Diary
Just in case you’d rather make one in photoshop than in real life… No, but seriously, the reason I included this tutorial was that perhaps it could give you some ideas on the actual design of the pages. You could fill the planner with some cool, decorative pages made in the same style as the finished product in this tutorial.

Droplet DIY planner and calendar pages

In case you already know how to bind your book and you just need the content, here’s the content! Droplet sells these nice premade calendar and planner pages for you to use for your own personal projects.

* * * * *

Note: Weirdly enough, there aren’t too many tutorials out there for planners that I could find, so if you do find one, please send me a link and I’ll add it here. Also, feel free to share your favorite planner designs!

There are plenty of ideas for decorating covers, or for binding books, however, so perhaps it’s best to rely on those tutorials meanwhile.

Huldra’s List: 4 recommended art blogs

Lise just gave me a short list of four of her favorite art blogs to follow. And if you’re wondering why on earth I’m the one posting this instead of her, it’s because I enjoyed her recommendations so much I just had to share them.

I have yet to dwelve deeper into them, but meanwhile, I love what I’m seeing. They all have unique styles and make my very jealous of their abilities. Jealous, I say! Grr!

Here begins the list, presented in no specific order.

Bittersweet enmi (Emmy Wahlbäck)

Bittersweet enmi

A promising, young, Swedish artist with an etsy shop and deviant art gallery as well. So if you like what you see, you can get more of it. Her style is delicate and graceful. Go have a look…

As of now, Ann-Mi is subscribing to enmi.

Daydreaming (Gabriella Eriksson)


Lise tells me this is a friend of Emmy’s. She’s also a young, promising artist with a deviant art gallery. Gabriella works in Photoshop, but I especially like her black and white drawings: she has beautiful, almost fragile linework that reminds me a little of a cross between Hugo Pratt’s sketches and Rebecca Guay. 

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe (Alina Chow)

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Café

Alina writes about herself: “Professionally, I am a CG character animator, story and concept development artist as well as a professor. Currently working on The Clone Wars as a 3D story artist at LucasFilm. For fun, I do gallery and museum exhibition, publishing children picture books and graphic novels, radio broadcasts and podcasts … travel, eat and sleep!!”

Sigh. Maybe if I follow her blog, some of her talent will rub off on me. ;) Alina creates the most amazing watercolor works and even provides awesome ‘Work in progress’ photographs of some of them. 

Don Kenn Gallery (John Kenn)

Don Kenn

This Danish artist creates the most creepy and wonderful drawings I’ve seen for a while. His monsters on post-it notes remind me of “Where The Wild Things Are” combined with some John Bauer. Some of the creations would fit well in the film “Spirited Away” because they purvey a sense of the underlying danger of fairytales.

Thank you for the list, Lise!

Tutorial: Simple Chocolate Painting Technique

This is a pretty interesting tutorial. It details how to paint portraits using dark and white chocolate. Awesome. Imagine getting this as a custom-made present!

Link » eatsleepdraw | Lovebirds

Eat Sleep Draw

Awesome! Eatsleepdraw posted my “Lovebirds” picture! (Five days ago, but I only saw it now.)

Thank you for the lovely comments! It just made my day. :)

Free Social Media Icons: Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set

Dawghouse Design Studio released this free bottle-cap icon set. It’s true, it really reminds me of Fallout… but if there be caps like this in the future, the world will really be going to social media hell! :)

Still, a very sweet set set of icons.

Illustrations of Justin Gerard

I just found some spectacular artwork by a fellow called Justin Gerard. 

He’s got some absolutely fantastically beautiful stuff. I haven’t perused it much yet, but.. damn. Look! 

*slobbers* *drools* 

Go take a look at his art blog and his online gallery (I think my favorite is “Samurai Hamster.”) 

Link » Burning Crusade Concept Art

Forest troll

While looking around for pictures of how horribly cutesy and “attractive” the draenei and blood elf females are, I stumbled on something that is actually quite a bit cooler: 
concept art for The Burning Crusade. 

And in case the expansion isn’t your cup of tea and you’re tired of hearing people ranting about it, there’s some even cooler stuff. The site has a collection of concept art for Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Warcraft II (with expansions), Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans (wow, I remember the trailer for this one. It was horrible. Glad they canceled it), Warcraft III (avec expansion), and of course World of Warcraft. 


I’m making this my new home. I LOVE concept art. Shame much of it is a bit pixely or low-resolution. There are some big, juicy high-res pics too to enjoy. 

And before anyone asks, NO I haven’t bought it. I’m in no rush. [note: after re-uploading this post three years later, yes, I did eventually end up buying the expansion before quitting the game and not looking back.]

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