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The Lost Ann-Mi

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed.



by Delphine Durand - author of Big Rabbit’s Bad mood, from her Flickr.

Check out her blog too

I saw this and it seriously cracked me up.  Then I went to her blog, and I smiled some more.

This is awesome. :) I love the scribble-monster!

A sketch and the final piece by the Italian brother duo, “Ekoes”. These are found on Terrible Yellow Eyes, and you can see the third (equally cute) picture there too!

An assortment of monsters that paraded across my paper while at a very thrilling driving theory lesson.

Snake scarf, ninja turtles, and pocket monsters.

Here are a few simply wonderful hand-crafted items I’ve seen recently:

Snake scarf via CRAFT magazine

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from

Stitchpixie monster wallets
. I’m in love with these… They’re for sale!

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