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I love Geninne’s art blog. It’s always so inspiring and beautiful and simply makes me want to take up my watercolors and paint animals.

The photography and composition is so pretty! It always makes me smile.

I’ve no idea who these are by… but they are awesome.


Huldra’s List: 4 recommended art blogs

Lise just gave me a short list of four of her favorite art blogs to follow. And if you’re wondering why on earth I’m the one posting this instead of her, it’s because I enjoyed her recommendations so much I just had to share them.

I have yet to dwelve deeper into them, but meanwhile, I love what I’m seeing. They all have unique styles and make my very jealous of their abilities. Jealous, I say! Grr!

Here begins the list, presented in no specific order.

Bittersweet enmi (Emmy Wahlbäck)

Bittersweet enmi

A promising, young, Swedish artist with an etsy shop and deviant art gallery as well. So if you like what you see, you can get more of it. Her style is delicate and graceful. Go have a look…

As of now, Ann-Mi is subscribing to enmi.

Daydreaming (Gabriella Eriksson)


Lise tells me this is a friend of Emmy’s. She’s also a young, promising artist with a deviant art gallery. Gabriella works in Photoshop, but I especially like her black and white drawings: she has beautiful, almost fragile linework that reminds me a little of a cross between Hugo Pratt’s sketches and Rebecca Guay. 

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe (Alina Chow)

Ice-Cream Monster Toon Café

Alina writes about herself: “Professionally, I am a CG character animator, story and concept development artist as well as a professor. Currently working on The Clone Wars as a 3D story artist at LucasFilm. For fun, I do gallery and museum exhibition, publishing children picture books and graphic novels, radio broadcasts and podcasts … travel, eat and sleep!!”

Sigh. Maybe if I follow her blog, some of her talent will rub off on me. ;) Alina creates the most amazing watercolor works and even provides awesome ‘Work in progress’ photographs of some of them. 

Don Kenn Gallery (John Kenn)

Don Kenn

This Danish artist creates the most creepy and wonderful drawings I’ve seen for a while. His monsters on post-it notes remind me of “Where The Wild Things Are” combined with some John Bauer. Some of the creations would fit well in the film “Spirited Away” because they purvey a sense of the underlying danger of fairytales.

Thank you for the list, Lise!

Watercolor & Acrylic ink on tea-dyed handmade watercolor paper. 

Geninne’s Art Blog: El Maguey

"Mexican Poppies" by Geninne
Watercolor on Twinrocker paper. 6” x 8”

Makes me want to create something!

Moleskine Creatures

Darla? I know I’ve been a bad girl and taken forever to make these, but I thought I’d share them with you anyway.

These are a continuation along the same theme as before. Goblins, trolls.. well, creatures created from blobs of color.

Click the thumbnails for full views.

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